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Welcome to H.B.S.A. FRESNO

Established in 1972, the Hispanic Business Student Association is committed to bringing out the best in its members and preparing them for sucess in the corporate world. HBSA continues to provide its members with professional and leadership opportunities, through the numerous programs HBSA hosts throughout the year, including our signature events, Corporate Mixer and Mock Interviews,. HBSA has helped increase the number of quality Hispanic professionals entering the work force. We strive to live up to the seven pillars established by our founders; Leadership, Tradition, Excellence, Education, Community, Professionalism, and the most important Family. Throughout the year HBSA hosts events that stay true to those founding principles.

HBSA Pillars


HBSA is designed to provide leadership opportunities to our members. Each year Executive Board elections are held. Membership of at least one semester is needed to be eligible to apply for a position. Positions include: President, Vice President, Administrative Assistant, Financial Administrator, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Community Relations, Director of Marketing, Webmaster, Banquet, ULS Representative, and Historian.


HBSA is a traditional organization that has been in existence for 42 years. We have dedicated ourselves to improve the professionalism of our members. We continue the tradition of bringing various workshops, different guest speakers, and informational sessions to help our members. We hold traditional events such as Corporate Night which is a semi annual event and Banquet is an annual event.


HBSA wants our members to be involved in our events, but we pride ourselves in being the top business organizations which means education is an important factor. By being an involved member and having good grades is showing your excellence as a young professional. We have different companies looking at our members for future recruitment. By having good grades and being involved we show our members capabilities to manage anything.


HBSA wants our members to be involved in our events(workshops,volunteer opporturnities, and proffesional events), but having good grades is important to us as well. If our members need help e-board will do what is necessary to get them the help they need.


HBSA is committed to help the community. We are always looking for different volunteer opportunities to get our members involved as well. We believing giving back is an important factor in any business, and as a business organization we want to inforce this. If you have any volunteer event that HBSA can help you in please contact our Director of Community Relations fresnohbsacr@gmail.com


HBSA is dedicated to improve our members professional skills and networking skills. We provide different workshops such as Social Media Workshops, Dress for Success, Resume Workshops, Mock Interviews workshops, etc.


Our organization is the top business organization at Fresno State, but we are a family. We have various socials to get to know each other. We not only interact in HBSA events but also in school or out of school. We have mentors and mentees with the executive board and members to make sure everyone is doing well.